Whatever your needs, SDML Group has the right solution for you:

In all its fields of expertise, SDML Group offers various preventive or curative maintenance services.

Do the same as others before you by entrusting your peace of mind to the SDML Group teams, who guarantee you a local service and while keeping your business running.

Preventive maintenance

Faults are the enemy of production.

Faulty industrial equipment can drastically affect your manufacturing and reduce your turnover. SDML Group is at your side throughout the service life of your equipment.

According to the manufacturer’s recommendations, preventive maintenance, whose frequency varies from one machine to another and from one manufacturer to another, is strongly recommended to keep your equipment functional over time.

Notre contrat en maintenance préventive industrielle en région PACA
Contrat de maintenance curative industrielle en région PACA

Corrective maintenance

What to do when a fault occurs

While we produce your equipment with the utmost care, a fault may occur. It is when this happens that the choice of SDML Group makes sense.

With a stock of emergency parts, a 48-hour delivery system from its suppliers in the event of shortages and highly qualified technicians, you’re in good hands and can be confident of the rapid restoration of your equipment.


A concern of any modern industrial company is the recycling and reuse of obsolete equipment or equipment which is no longer technically suitable. Thanks to its industrial expertise, we can offer you audits and recommendations for upgrading or modifying your equipment.

With SDML, give your equipment a second life!

Contrat de modernisation industrielle en région PACA
Nos contrats de maintenance industrielle en région PACA

Maintenance contracts

We offer our customers tailor-made maintenance contracts, adapted to their needs and their equipment.

Take advantage of SDML Group’s multi-product expertise for a single point of contact at your site, whether for your lifting, door, compressor or industrial brake problems.